Evergreen Needles Turning Yellow

If you happen to notice yellowing needles on your evergreens, do not fret quite yet!

Is the yellowing on the inside?

White Pine needles turning yellow

White Pine needles turning yellow

Inside yellowing on evergreens is completely natural and is part of their growth life cycle. Although the evergreen holds its needles all year long, some old needles drop off to make room for new growth. According to Iowa State Extension, “Environmental stresses, such as drought and hot temperatures, may cause greater-than-normal loss of needles”. Yellowing from the top to the bottom on the inside of the evergreen is often taken as a “disease”, but relax as it is completely natural and healthy. University of Illinois Extension also adds, “Weather conditions, age of the plant and genetics all contribute to when needles drop.”

Is the evergreen yellowing at the tips?

Blue Spruce Tips

If the evergreen is yellowing at the tips there may be more serious issues. University of Illinois Extension states, “If new growth is weak or turning brown, injury or disease may be involved”.  If you have evergreens make sure to examine the placement of yellowing. Inside is okay, new growth yellowing is not!

Regardless, if there is needle drop, do not feel the need to rake! The needles serve as a mulch/weed barrier.

Refer to our sources for additional reading on the topic!